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What Is A Votive Candle?

Inspired Votive Candles

Candles have been around for thousands of years but the first known use of votive candles was in 1824.

Over the years they were typically used in many religious ceremonies, but today they have a very wide variety of purposes and have become one of the most popular types of candle.

The word votive comes from the Latin “votivas” which describes something as offered, dedicated or given, usually in conjunction with a vow or promise.  Read More +

Find The Perfect Votive Holder

Inspired Votive Candles in HoldersIt must be emphasized that votive candles must be placed in suitable holders when used.

Unlike large pillar candles or tall taper candles, votives are actually formulated to melt when they burn, so it is necessary to contain the liquid wax by using a votive holder.
Otherwise the result will be a messy puddle of wax.

To get the votive’s maximum burn time the holder should be a fairly close fit to the candle diameter. The candle will then burn evenly leaving very little residual wax at the end of its life. Read More +

Votive Candles – So Many Uses…

VotiveToday, votive candles have an almost infinite variety of uses. What started with devotional use many years ago has now developed into a myriad of applications, only limited by the user’s imagination.

Here are some of their main uses and a few suggestions:
Religious Ceremonies
They are used extensively in the Christian faith and their history can be traced back to the Old Testament. In Roman Catholicism they are used in devotional votive stands or racks where a candle is lit when saying a prayer.  Read More +

Top 10 Essential Safety Tips For Votive Candles…

Keep Away From Combustibles   Keep Away From Children  Burn Within SightVotive candles and indeed all candles must be considered a fire risk and therefore treated with utmost respect.
They may be pretty to look at and wonderful to have around, but they are a potential cause of fire in the home, business, or place of worship.
As a candle is an open flame it can easily ignite surrounding materials.

Here are ten of the most critical safety precautions you should take when using your votive candles:  Read More +